By: ahmad nizam sharif

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Friday, 15-Aug-2008 17:27 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Cerita Konvo, Anniversary dan Family day. dan kerja lebih masa.


Akhirnya Mummy berjaya mensetelkan pembelajarannya hehe. Tahniah Mummy! Bila nak naik pangkat?

Anniversary kami ke-4 bersama anak kami yang aktif ini.

Aina dan Abah demam.......

Dan juga pelbagai perkara yg tak sempat nak update. Hehe.

Friday, 11-Jul-2008 12:27 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Aina Jalan 4 langkah hari ni

tiada gambar, cuma ada memori di kepala ni je..

Saturday, 5-Jul-2008 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

When the routine bites hard And ambitions are low And the resentment rides high
But emotions wont grow And were changing our ways, Taking different roads
Why is the bedroom so cold Turned away on your side?
Is my timing that flawed, Our respect run so dry?
Yet theres still this appeal That weve kept through our lives
Do you cry out in your sleep All my failings expose?
Get a taste in my mouth As desperation takes hold
Is it something so good Just cant function no more?

Sunday, 1-Jun-2008 18:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Aina Layan Sungai

mandi sungai kat simpang pulai. nama sungai lupa nak tanya.

Tuesday, 13-May-2008 01:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
TV ialah kawan baik saya - Ahmad, 6 tahun.


Ini lukisan aku masa tadika dulu. 1984. Bapa aku simpan buku2 tadika aku. Ada sampai skrg ni.

inspired by scene ni. Batman & Robin lawan ikan jerung. Hehe. Aku tambah spiderman & superman. Combine force belasah jaws! WTF! TV memang menginfluencekan kehidupan seharian kita!

Figure scene ni pun ada! Haha!

Scene boleh jumpa di Youtube! Ha ha!

The original 1966 Batman movie is, by far, one of the cheesiest and camp movies you'll ever watch. However, I don't intend to slate a film from the 60's that had kids excited and amazed - this is 2007 afterall. We love this film now, thankfully, because it is dated.
And by that I mean what? Who can not smile and grin at the sheer fun of this film! The fact that its so innocent makes us laugh now, but the bright colours and well-spoken people involved can only make you happy after a hard tiring day!
It would be silly to explain the plot - you've probably already got an idea of the structure involved! But present in the film, we see Adam West playing good ol' Batman, with an array of transportation, from his 'Bat-copter' to his 'Batmobile', not to mention the many other items he owns - all just standard things, made special by the fact they have 'Bat' in front of it. I may be mistaken... he does have a "Shark-Repellent-Bat Spray". Its just as well he doesn't spray it at himself then!
The best bit? Its not even worth questioning - West may come with some woppers, such as his truly viscious "You........CRIMINALS!", but the best scene was always going to be the funniest by todays standards.

We see Batman and Robin in their Batcopter, flying over a boat. Batman releases his 'Bat-ladder' so he can try and board the boat. However, Robin rather foolishly lowers him too much, and so he goes waist-high into the sea - Cue a stiff looking model of a shark to be attatched to Adam West's leg, as he gets raised from the water. "Holy Sardines!" cries Robin, but the flustered Batman grunts, spits, stabs, and attempts to thump this shark. Cue once again, 'Shark-Repellent-Bat Spray'. And to top it all off, after a long spray on the shark, its blows up when it hits the water! Very handy indeed....
More laugh out loud moments are included in what would be considered by many now, a rather camp film. Its the truth! Society has changed massively. But if you can find it in your heart to try and treat it as a big-kids adventure, you might stop your self from becoming a Mr or Mrs Sarcastic!

I thought I'd end on some of Batman's most noble & dedicated quotes... Enjoy!

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